Suse Mertens

Project Management, English and German

The last 12 years I was busy raising my three children by organizing their hobbies, such as driving through and forth the hockey club several times the week, listening to incredible skirled sounds from the cello and the clarinet, giving support with their homework, doing loats of washing, trying to cook healthy food nobody wants to eat …

At the time no. 3 started school it was definitely time for me to make a step forward – out of my motherhood! As books are one of my hobbies I attendet the telecourse “booktrade” at the mediacamus in Frankfurt. That gave me a great inside in the world of books and publishing houses. Learning something new in an interesting field felt great and reminded me of my academic studies in Bonn. I have a master degree in American and German language and literature as well as Political Sciences. After my studies I became a radio journalist for the „Deutsche Welle“, where I worked in the culture department.

Last year I saw the advertisement of snowball in the newspaper, applied and got the job. What a lucky punch! Since August 2015 I am working together with Sophia in the back office of snowball. As there are so many different tasks to do I still learn every day trying to support Ulli and all the trainers as best as we can.