Leadership development
at different levels

We offer leadership programmes for different levels, different target groups customised for your needs. For more than 15 years we have been successfully facilitating leadership-series for senior leaders, mid-level leaders and newly appointed leaders. We can facilitate programmes virtually as well in a very interactive way.

senior leaders, mid-level leaders, first line leaders.

We support AGILE organisations with agile leadership programmes which we will design according to your agile culture. It is key that agility will be lived and facilitated by people leaders. Agility and empowered teams change the understanding and scope of leadership significantly. That is why we think it is a must to introduce existing people leaders and new ones to the changes of their roles and support their agile development afterwards within the organisation for the deployment of agility.

For other organisations: If you want a programme for your leaders, we will always clarify your objectives, the current status, the challenges, the business impact and design a programme to achieve the desired outcomes.

For different levels we will consider the different job expectations as explained in “The Leadership Pipeline” by Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel.

Especially for leadership we strongly recommend a modular process so that participants can implement insights step by step. This is a must for the level of people who are in leadership roles for the first time because this is the most significant step with most changes compared to their previous job. There are so many new expectations, tasks to be done, skills to be developed that it would be very unrealistic to do this in one seminar.

Below we describe one of those first line manager programmes as an example. Even at that level it is just one of several designs that we facilitate.

Leadership for newly appointed managers


Modular format with 3 modules with a 2 months’ interval for reflection and implementation. Pre- and post-module activities to make participants benefit most and implement actions in the best way


To lead and develop your team for best results.

This results in:

  • Knowing and applying what is needed in your role as a leader
  • Awareness of your personal leadership strengths and areas of development
  • Clarity about the impact you and your leadership style have on others
  • Applying leadership tools to develop your people
  • Improving your learning agility
  • Work with your team toward common goals and objectives

Module 1 focuses on:

  • Understanding your leadership role
  • Understanding and implementing role expectations with regard to time application, work values, essential skills
  • Leadership expectations from your company
  • Achieving a better understanding of self and others: – analysis of DISC Profile + exercises for implementation
  • Making an effective start: structured review of expectations on an individual and team-oriented basis, tool box and check lists
  • Communication in leadership role, incl. active listening, questioning technique, DISC versatility
  • Performance Improvement: setting smart goals, identifying gaps

Recognition & feedback, “I”-messages

Module 2 focuses on:

  • Adapting your leadership style situationally (group project)
  • Coaching: Grow-model and practical exercises
  • Delegating effectively
  • Dealing with low or unsatisfactory performance

Module 3 focuses on:

  • Experiencing team and leadership + insights for day-to-day team work
  • Developing a team for performance: team development phases, motivation, dealing with negative influences on the group
  • DISC-Team-Profile: Finding out about different abilities within the team and using them for team effectiveness
  • Effective feedback tools for the entire team
  • Facilitating small team workshops, yourself
  • Making the benefit most from different generations within the team (group project)
  • Structured discussion of real-life cases
  • Action and follow-up planning


  • Needs analysis from each participant
  • Interview with own boss
  • Practical tasks for each module as pre- and post-learning
  • Role-plays + feedforward
  • Team teaching for 3 topics (to build network)
  • Coaching partner during and after the programme
  • Many practical, experiential, interactive exercises
  • Pair work and group discussions
  • 6 thinking hats (de Bono), small video clips
  • Team simulations / role play + feedback
  • DISC-Analysis + transfer exercises for all parts
  • Personal action plan

Length of programme:

5 days