Interviewing skills

As with all our courses this is just an example of what we might cover. We recommend the use of real-life candidates or of people (trainees) who are looking for the next position in the company. Both interviewers and candidates can benefit a lot from video-feedback. However not every company can manage this set-up. We may talk about in which way we might deliver this workshop virtually in an interactive way as well.


Effective talent acquisition

This results in:

  • A consistent interview approach
  • Agreed upon selection criteria
  • Efficient use of interview time
  • A fair, fact-based decision
  • Hiring the right person

The course focuses on:

  • Identifying and deciding on selection criteria: the basis for success
  • Co-ordinating planning for different interviewers
  • Interpreting information about candidates and enquiring further to get relevant information
  • Using past behaviour as a predictor for future behaviour
  • Verifying motivation for job, organisation, location
  • Asking behavioural and follow-up questions to probe deeper
  • Making useful notes
  • Building rapport
  • Managing the interview
  • Analysing and evaluating data
  • Understanding legal aspects
  • Developing a personal action plan


  • Practical exercises and group discussions
  • Video examples for follow-up question technique
  • Interview practice and feedback from observers
  • Real candidates (optional)
  • Videotaping of interviews for participants and candidates
  • Telephone feedback for each interviewer and candidate after the workshop (optional)
  • Action plan for future interviews
  • Catalogue of behavioural questions

Length of Course:

1.5 or 2 days depending on number of participants / interview rounds and topics you want to cover