Mindfulness in Organizations (Mindful Leadership)

Experience as manager or team, how to become clearer and serenely with mindfulness – and achieve your goals in a more effective and focused manner. In our knowledge- and network-based world we especially need constructive cooperation, a clear focus, emotional and systemic intelligence as well as a high level of vitality and endurance to be successful.

Therefor in this seminar, you will learn essential neuroscientific findings for cooperating and dealing with your team and peers. You will exchange the learnings with your colleagues and transfer them into your daily (leadership-)work. You will learn scientifically proven methods to cultivate a clear mind and to always remain master of yourself even in hectic times.


In order to ensure sustainability in your daily work, the program comprises several modules. The split can be handled flexibly according to customer requirements. We recommend e.g. 6-8 modules of 3-4 hours. The seminar can take place both face-to-face or online.

Goals and outcome:

  • Cultivation of presence and inner calm
  • Improved self-control and decision-making abilities
  • Improved access to one’s own intuition
  • Improved teamwork
  • Increased resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Improved time management

Target group:

  • Managers, employees and teams who work in an integrated and innovative context where they have to master complex requirements
  • Particularly valuable for people who take over a new leadership role and want to develop their personal “leadership path”


  • Introduction to the neuroscientific background of mindfulness
  • Cultivation of focus and attention
  • Intelligence of emotions and how we use them sensibly
  • The social brain and how we connect with each other
  • Neuroscientific models for everyday business and the entrepreneurial environment
  • Conscious communication
  • Cultivation of satisfaction
  • Organizational learning
  • Various exercises that can easily be integrated into the business-day for cultivating a clear and calm mind


  • Modular structure for sustainable implementation + reflection
  • Theoretical input (neuroscientific background and models)
  • Partner / group discussions
  • Exercises for reflection
  • Training to cultivate a clear, focused mind


  • Integration of peer groups for the exchange between the modules
  • Films and / or texts to deepen the learnings after each module
  • During the course of the seminar, the participants should take at least 10 minutes a day to carry out the exercises they have learned