Team development

We adapt team-building workshops according to your needs, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Diverse teams
  • New teams
  • Teams in conflict
  • Teams going through major change

The following is just a sample of how we work with teams as it always depends on your situation. Every single team-building workshop is individually designed after a briefing-discussion. It has to be very flexible to reflect the group dynamics and to get everybody involved. It will depend on the aims and the context if a virtual interactive delivery can be an additional option.


For teams to achieve high performance

This results in:

  • Improved motivation, commitment and co-operation
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved use of time and energy

The course might focus on:

  • Clarifying team’s vision, purpose, goals, roles, responsibilities
  • Experiential activities followed by debriefs focusing on, for example, problem solving, performance, co-operation, conflict resolution, leadership
  • Creative solutions for team challenges based on results of team survey
  • The current team development stage and what is needed to move on
  • Making a diverse team work effectively: How individual strengths and weaknesses complement each other
  • SWOT analysis for the team
  • Feedback within the team (giving and receiving)
  • Problem solving through creativity
  • Developing a structured and agreed action plan


  • Optional: Pre-workshop team analysis
  • Optional: Personality or team-roles profiles
  • Off-site training to promote insight and openness
  • Indoor or outdoor activities to experience teamwork for transfer to real life
  • Facilitated sessions for problem resolution involving every team member
  • Focus on strengthening a productive team culture

Length of Course:

2 days – depending on objectives and scope