Your aim is our aim – we focus on what is needed for your organisation and create learning processes set up for real life implementation and personal and organisational achievement. We offer both interactiv virtual and onsite solutions.

Especially for leadership and change a modular process is strongly recommended to get long-term results you want. It combines learning with coaching, feedback and mentoring and even more with on-the-job practice and application.

Before the workshop:

Together with you we will link programme objectives to business needs, define what learners will do better, agree on a definition of success and design the process and programme accordingly.

Participants should know why they are attending and what specifically they want to improve. To raise this self-awareness they will interview their manager and fill in a Snowball questionnaire.

During the workshop:

Our approach is practical and we use experiential activities and participant’s real life situations to make it easier for them to implement what they learned. We make sure participants think about how to apply their insights, knowledge and tools from the workshop. For some programmes they start working with a future coaching partner already in the workshop and continue with this peer coaching afterwards.

Between modules (i.e. for leadership and change):

Learners implement first action steps, exchange with their peer coach, update their managers and ask for feedback. Concrete tasks help them to prepare for the next module.

After the workshop:

Participants share their personal action plan with their manager and team (if relevant) to gain frequent on-the-job feedback for ongoing improvement. They continue the peer coaching. We might support you with further follow-up depending on your needs.


English, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish and Turkish.

Focus areas:

Leadership development at different levels
Leading change
Health focused leadership
Mindful Leadership
Developing Future Talent
Team development
Intercultural Management
Interviewing skills
Presentation skills
Resolving conflict
Self & Time management