Presentation skills

This is an example of what we might cover. Depending on the audience there could be a focus on special target groups, a specific event or product launch, face to face or online presentations. We may offer an adapted virtual version of this course as well.


To present in a very convincing, powerful and positive way

This results in:

  • Selling your ideas, concepts to your audience
  • Motivating and involving your listeners
  • Getting noticed as a convincing professional

The course focuses on:

  • Why should people listen to you? Your aim and key points to remember
  • Structuring your presentation for maximum attention
  • Analysing your audience for optimal preparation
  • Attracting interest with a powerful start and finish
  • Turning anxiety into confidence
  • Increasing your energy and personal presence
  • Focussing on your audience – not on the screen
  • Building rapport with people
  • Interacting with the audience, involving them for optimal deployment
  • Using metaphors und story-telling to make people remember key aspects
  • Supporting your message with gestures and movement
  • Using voice, pace, tone in a dynamic way
  • Creating memorable, simple and clear visual aids
  • Dealing with difficult questions confidently


  • Minimum 3 presentations per participant
  • Video analysis individually and group feedback
  • Different exercises, scenarios
  • Interactive idea generation for participant’s real life presentations

Length of Course:

2 days