Health focused leadership

This workshop should clearly reflect the current situation in the company / department and hence must be adapted accordingly. As with most of the other courses it might be facilitated interactive virtually or at a venue of your choice.


To lead your team for better health and motivation

This results in:

  • Reflecting your own stress patterns
  • Establishing health focussed behaviour
  • Realizing stress and health issues in your team and addressing those appropriately
  • Using your influence as a leader on the environment and on the team effectively

The course focuses on:

  • Actual situation: health cost, absenteeism, presenteeism
  • Team analysis and focus on main issues
  • Influencing factors for health
  • Being a role model – how am I caring about my health?
  • Stress sky scrapers: personal analysis + areas of influence
  • Personal drivers: Impact of high intensity on heath and ideas how to control this
  • Leading the team for better health and motivation
  • Depending on team issues: group work on burnout, leading older people, shift influence etc.
  • Reference to resilience where needed
  • Influencing factors and how to make best use of them
  • dealing with stressed team members,
  • recognition/praise,
  • showing interest, contact options,
  • transparency,
  • work climate,
  • handling challenging cases
  • Stress, burnout, (drug-)addiction: symptoms, causes, potential influence, professional support
  • Practising typical health discussions, feedforward


  • Optional: pre-course team analysis on absenteeism, fluctuation, motivation, quality, productivity, further challenges
  • Pre- and after-course discussion with own boss for maximum implementation
  • Working with participants’ real life cases
  • Self-reflection and lots of group work
  • Mini lectures and team teaching
  • Structured approach for solving challenging situations
  • Role-plays + feedforward
  • Energizers as team teaching
  • Personal action plan

Length of programme:

2 days