Waltraud Thole

Germany, trainer, coach, German

I enjoy meeting people in all kinds of situations. I studied sociology and adult education and love to support others in their professional development by helping them to define who they are.  This includes recognising their uniqueness, their talents and potential and finding opportunities for positive and authentic personal development.

Being in touch with your own charisma and awareness of your impact on others are for me the foundations for effective communication and therefore success.

My work is based on a sound knowledge of Behavioural Psychology, gained through both my studies as a sociologist and 10 years of practical work experience with both mentally and physically handicapped people. This work background has helped me to develop my own skills in empathising with people and to help them to help themselves.

During workshops I focus on building individual strengths by means of practical exercises. My clients tell me they really appreciate my relaxed and humorous way of facilitating combined with my fair and precise observation of what’s going on. This makes my workshops a special experience for them.

I specialise in behaviour, communication and body language. This has a particular impact on topics such as presenting, coaching and people management.

My background is in education with a university degree as a qualified social worker.  I am certified in DISC, Brain-Gym and Touch for Health.  I am also an Energetic Coach (NLPEP) and Vocal Coach and a NLP master

I live with my family near Düsseldorf. In my free time I enjoy singing (jazz and classical), play several musical instruments and I am a passionate horsewoman and horse trainer.

I work in German.