Uneeda Brewer-Frazier

USA, coach, facilitator, trainer, English

Throughout my career I have focused on bringing clarity, compassion and commitment to my work. I coach individuals to help them reach their full potential and consult with leaders to help their organizations be more profitable and effective. In addition I am helping teams and team leaders develop the skills to work together collaboratively to accomplish their goals. For me it is important to create work environments that respect, celebrate and engage diverse individuals in solving problems creatively.

I am an executive coach, an organization development consultant and an expert facilitator. I have worked with organizations and individuals to design and implement change initiatives that produce commitment and engagement to the future. This involved designing leadership development programs that are practical and work in all regions of the globe. I have used and developed 360° feedback surveys and other leadership assessments to help individuals and teams gain insight on their strengths and areas for improvement. In partnering with individuals, teams and organizations our mutual goal has been to strengthen their ability to develop people and produce results.

My work experience includes work in corporate organizations, in higher education and in non-profit settings. I have learned to adapt universal human development principles and designs to the unique requirements of various work environments and cultures.