Ulrike Tack

Managing Director, Germany, trainer, facilitator, coach, English and German

I specialise in facilitation, coaching and training leaders, teams and individuals at all levels to achieve their business goals and individual development objectives. My passion is to support people to grow and develop and to coach diverse teams to enhance their co-operation and output. That’s why I love designing programmes with a strong focus on implementation

My clients say that my energy, empathy and commitment to make progress help them to make the changes they want. I love seeing situations from different perspective and use different methods to help others to do the same in challenging circumstances. To make clients benefit most from the work we do, I adapt my approach to their needs, which makes sessions experiential and very practical. My facilitation style is engaging to involve as many people as possible to make them tackle their real life issues.

Clients have found that I have been helpful in the following situations:

  • Designing and facilitating leadership programmes
  • Focussing leaders and executives on the delivery of lasting change through others
  • Developing versatility & authenticity in coaching, communication & leadership
  • Facilitating (diverse, intercultural) teams in different stages.
  • Mediating between individuals or in a team context.
  • Exploring the potential of personalities in a team and the impact on performance
  • Helping people manage the transition resulting from major change
  • Supporting individuals to develop resilience in times of high pressure

Before founding Snowball Training with Bridget Temple in 1997 I gained 12 years of management experience with Johnson & Johnson. Here I led teams in different departments, R&D, Marketing and Human Resources. This exposure to different aspects of the business has been invaluable to me.

I have a post graduate degree in social science and education and enjoy developing myself further. I’m a certified resilience coach, Scrum Master, NLP Master and NLP Trainer and certified for using several international programmes (i.e. Thinking Partnership from Nancy Klime, all DDI Leadership series and Targeted Selection Interviews), psychometric tests such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II, DISC, PPP (Power Potential Profile including a 360 survey).  BELBIN® team roles, and I received the Scrum Alliance‘ credentials for Agile Leadership I.

I live with my family close to Düsseldorf, Germany, and conduct workshops internationally in both English and German.