Roberto Esposito

Italy, trainer, coach, Italian and French

I became a trainer because I love dealing with people and sharing what I have learnt as well as my thoughts, values and behaviours. In the last 15 years the vast majority of my reading and personal development has been on human relations, emotional intelligence, communication, persuasion, coaching, team management and organizational development.

I believe that when I facilitate a training session I succeed in making participants feel free to express themselves spontaneously and honestly. We talk openly, sharing all our strengths and weaknesses, enthusiasms and worries. These discussions often create an “aha” effect and help to build relationships. What participants learn in the classroom motivates them to improve things in both their private and professional lives.

Before going independent, I was an HR Director for 4 different multinationals (Bolton Group for 6 years, DHL for 2 years, Warner Lambert for 3 years and Guidant for 2 years). During this time I learned how to combine human behaviour with business objectives, organizational issues, financial constraints, career expectations and work-life balance. My experience as HR director has given me a solid background and I believe participants see me as a valid partner and consultant, rather than a theoretical teacher.

As well as training, I’m also a coach. Coachees appreciate my ability to listen, suggest, make them think and find alternative behaviours.

I should have become a lawyer because my parents told me I was good at talking and persuading. So I took a degree in law in 1989. But after 1 year of working in the Milan Courts, I discovered that I preferred to deal with people, contracts and unions in a different environment. I therefore started my HR career and discovered that HR was not only contracts, pay-roll and unions but also training and development. And this is the aspect that I really like to focus on.

I consider that I am and always have been lucky as I love my work and my clients tell me that they appreciate what I do.