Robert Nash

UK, trainer, coach, facilitator, English

I specialise in helping managers transform into true leaders, to get more from their teams and enrich their own working experience. In modern leaders, interpersonal skills and empathy are as important as technical competence. Through coaching and skills workshops, I work with executives to develop the attributes that are critical to their business success.

I have spent many years at the sharp end of business, much of it in the Sales and Marketing sphere of the IT sector. As a director of a fast growing IT company, I came to understand how people are motivated and what makes them productive at work. I was continually reviewing my own management approach and once I understood how coaching could be employed as a manager, my effectiveness rose dramatically. I am passionate about how this approach can help transform my clients’ businesses.

I am a Natural Sciences (BSc Hons) graduate from Durham University, which included Psychology and Business Studies.

I am a trained Business Coach, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and use the DISC psychometric tool.

Clients appreciate my action driven approach – I combine a mix of both challenge and support to get people ‘unstuck’, motivated and moving forward. My optimistic outlook helps me see the best in people. Clients tell me I am a clear, informed and confident facilitator who can flex to suit different learning styles.

I live in England, near Cambridge.