Michele White

UK, trainer, facilitator, coach, English

I specialise in working in partnership with individuals and groups to achieve their goals, using coaching and training to help them to achieve success. I believe that everyone wants to make a difference in the world of work, and that we all have the resourcefulness to achieve that. The best leaders are not infallible and they use coaching to help people access their own talents and resourcefulness. Good leaders are also reflective in their own practice. I work with them to help them to develop that self-awareness, leading to enhanced personal effectiveness.

I have been an independent consultant for 9 years, and have worked in the development profession for 18 years. Previously, I worked for J Sainsbury plc as a training manager, and have also worked as a Human Resources Director in the National Health Service. I currently enjoy working with clients across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

I am a Psychology (BSc Hons) graduate from Birmingham University and a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development. I am also registered by the British Psychological Society to use psychometric tests of ability and personality assessments. I am a passionate user of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

My main areas of interest in human resource development include: appraisal and inspiring performance, managing change, interviewing skills, influencing, teambuilding, presentation skills and written and oral communication. I also enjoy facilitating top teams in determining their vision and strategy for the future.

I live in Hampshire, England.