Manuel Ferrández

Spain, trainer, facilitator, coach, Spanish and English

I have worked as a consultant, trainer and coach for local and multinational companies for more than 25 years. I am an inspiring person who achieves lasting results from the training I give and I am highly regarded by delegates and clients.  My purpose is to help people and teams  reach their full potential. The work I do is my passion as it also allows me to learn and grow and have fun.

I fully believe that people learn best from the “inside out”. This is why I use experiential learning as a way of challenging people to step out of their comfort zone and to discover new possibilities. This is effective even when people have many years of previous experience and think that there is little left to learn.

Grounded in outdoor activities, I have been involved in some of Europe’s leading cultural change programs that use challenge courses and experiential learning as the backbone for supporting required changes to the business.

My areas of expertise are leadership, team coaching, creativity, change management and conflict management.

I studied psychology and I have qualifications in Human Resources Management, Co-active Coaching and Co-active Leadership. I am also certified in various tools including MBTI, Insights, Firo B, Lego Serious Play and Inner Game.

I work in Spanish and Catalan.