Laurence Treille

France, coach, facilitator, trainer, English and French

For years, I have been passionate about people and the impact of their communication. The quality of how people interact with themselves and others has played an important part in my career.

For years, I have been passionate about understanding how to create an inspiring way of working together. I believe that creating true collective intelligence is what brings sustainable results to organizations and well being to people. I have been working for more than a decade to develop individuals to help them find new ways of working together through meaningful conversations, while supporting behaviour change and mindset shift.  My style is to create relationships of trust with clients and to facilitate their development with ease and passion.

Working as an executive coach, shadow coach and trainer since 2001, I have developed and delivered many custom-tailored courses on leadership, management, on-boarding, change management and communication.  I also intervene in corporate MBA programs. I am responsible for an ACTP coaching program to train professional coaches.  Creating a coaching culture within organisations is one of my main focuses.  This is why I have developed global programs for companies to integrate coaching tools to assist them in shifting their management style from a hierarchical one to a more collaborative one – thereby fostering innovation.

Prior to becoming a talent developer, I have had over eight years’ international managerial experience in companies and organisations. I am trained as a lawyer and have a MA in risk management.  I have an engaging personality and I enjoy theatre and acting.