Elke Sophia Mazur

Project Management, English and German

Even as a child, I was very fascinated by the past, which is why I studied Medieval Literature and history after graduating from high school. At that time, the possibility of doing research at university was limited and flexibility was in demand. That’s how I ended up managing my own business for a few years as an independent franchisee in creative craft retail.

This time was very sustainable for me. In addition to the business management processes I was able to learn, the daily interaction with a wide variety of people, developing a real knack for customer service and managing employees was extremely instructive for me. To further qualify myself, I attended a number of management seminars and specialized training courses.

However, as time went by, I realized that the position of being a business owner didn’t really suit me. So I gave up my self-employment.

A few adventurous years followed, during which I worked as an assistant for marketing and communication, as a primary school teacher, as a lecturer for arts and crafts at ARGE, as a project manager for a Chinese company and as an assistant for a renowned art gallery. In the process, I got to know a wide variety of people.

With these colorful insights and knowledge, I started at Snowball in 2014. Manuela and I manage Snowball projects together, dedicate ourselves to the complex tasks behind the scenes and have a lot of fun doing it.

In 2019, I decided to train as a qualified Nature Coach.

In doing so, my love for nature and my joy in supporting people in their personal development process merged in an ingenious way. A perfect combination for me. Nature Coaching is a future-oriented return to our very own human ability to carry the solution to problems and crises within us and to uncover it through certain questioning techniques and interventions.

Coaching in the open air, in the forest or in a wide open landscape is moving in a double sense and opens the access to intuition and self-efficacy that has been buried by everyday life and work. One’s own resources become clearly apparent and ego awareness is strengthened.

“The Nature Coaching with you touched me deep inside, provided clarity and brought me closer to myself again. I now know what I have to do.”

This feedback from a client perfectly sums up what nature coaching can do. It’s a wonderful version of personal development, especially in challenging times, and invaluable – since 2021 we offer it in German at Snowball as a variant in addition to the classic coaching.

Privately I share a varied life with my husband and our two Bolonka Zwetna boys William & Elwood in a country side setting. I enjoy sports, reading books and I am interested in science. When the weather is nice I love to dig in the soil in our garden.