Elke Sophia Mazur

Project Management, English and German

I studied mediaeval history and literature and spent several years as an independent franchisee in the art and creativity retail trade. During this period, I learned a lot about how to lead and motivate staff and I have attended various management trainings and continuing education courses.

Meanwhile I found out, that the leading position is not what I really want and that I am much happier in supporting and doing somebodies groundwork.

But finding the right position and an employment where I really fit in and feeling comfortable
wasn´t easy. Some adventurous experiences as an assistant for marketing and office communication as a primary school teacher as an arts and craft lecturer as a project manager for a big Chinese company and an assistant for a renowned art gallery followed the next several years.

With this colourful patchwork of experiences, I joined the Snowball-Team in September 2014.

Now I am happy to have the opportunity and the great task to support our clients, the Snowball-Team and especially Ulli Tack with my knowledge, energy, heart and soul. With my colleague Suse I am managing the office and we are doing the job behind the scenes for Snowball. I really love my job and Suse and I have a lot of fun together.

In July 2020, I completed my further education as a nature coach (Green Care).

In my free time I enjoy a varied life with my husband, my two dogs and a big family. I like sports, especially Pilates, running and free diving and being in the outdoors. I am gardening, reading a lot and I am very interested in science. I love travelling, writing and doing handicrafts.