Adrijana Strnad

Croatia, trainer, facilitator, coach, English, Croatian and Hungarian

Have you ever experienced the creative power of collaboration?

Many of us would agree that business success is rooted in people. Sometimes we argue if it’s about individual potential and performance or more about how we work together.   I know what I believe.

I am known as a motivation, talent and performance management expert. As an organisational entrepreneur, I have endless curiosity in discovering how team dynamics, personal growth and business performance are connected.

I have been working in the corporate sector since 2002, coaching individuals and teams in the field of Marketing Operations, Communications and Organisational Development. I am a passionate advocate and practitioner of coaching as a key facilitating force for top performance.

This is what I do best: coaching dysfunctional teams to collaborative, performing teams, helping newly appointed managers transition into a new role and facilitating transformation and organisational change.

I have a BSc in electronic engineering, with a post-graduate degree in management. Most of my corporate career has been in the Telecommunications and ICT industry. I am a life-long learner with years of training and corporate practice in strategic marketing, people and performance management and personal and organisational development.  I am an ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach,  an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) , a licensed Four Rooms of ChangeTM User, a seasoned intercultural trainer and an Art of Hosting Practitioner.

I live in Zagreb and work all over Europe. I speak Croatian, Hungarian and English.